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Hopefully I won’t have to start each post by saying “it’s been a year since my last post” but this time it actually has been. Things have been happening, moves have been made and I went to Guatemala and can’t stop thinking about it. The visual stimulation is endless and the treasure hunting is enough to keep me up at night. I’m super excited to share my textile finds via The Rich and Strange, my *soon to be* online shop featuring one-of-a-kind textiles and objects.


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I actually planned our trip to Guatemala in about 4 hours. I sat down at my desk and proceeded to Google all textile related things. A rough outline emerged, I filled in some gaps and bought a ticket. It’s amazing how simple traveling is these days. I visit this or that town and walk around trolling for shops, markets, stands, whatever. I even had a few rudimentary maps drawn for me that Jim swore he could decipher. We walked for hours at a time, ate lunches we immediately fretted over and then ran to the closest bar to take “preventative” tequila shots. By nine o’clock it was lights out.


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Not speaking Spanish is my biggest regret. It troubles me much more than not speaking say, Japanese or French. Those languages are so foreign to me that when I’m there I take on the role of total alien and proceed like a child. I just smile dumbly, nod and repeat the same couple of words. I stop and stare at signs too long, pretend I’m internet browsing on my phone when I feel helpless and wander into random shops when I need a mental break. In Latin America it’s different. I understand what people are telling me. I can begin a story or pose a question but then I’m stuck.

So I’m going back.

Mexico in May with Mama will probably be the title of my next post. Until then I’ll be here in DC making things and getting The Rich and Strange ready for business.


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