Seven Days in Round Top

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Round Top in early October feels like North Carolina in August. It was hot and humid, although the humidity was just bad luck. The land is just how you’d imagine it too. Soft rolling hills, tall grass and plenty of dust. We set up in the Farmhouse, an old six room wooden structure with pale grey-blue wooden walls.

Unpacking two vans two times, setting up multiple shelving units, tables, stands and garment racks and nailing rods to every inch of wall space is definitely work, but it’s good, exciting work. Almost every textile I hung or folded I’d ask Carola about and every time I’d get the answer, specific and informative. I really don’t remember the last time I learned so much and retained all of it.


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Once we finished set up I started browsing, mentally picking out everything I wanted. A deep indigo woven shawl with thin tasseled ends from Burkina Faso, beige mud cloth pillows with geometric patterns backed in homespun linen and little buttery deerskin pouches are all on my rather long wish list. Carola bought boro jackets (like that one below) years ago as a student in Japan and told me people thought she was crazy. Some people just have an eye for the interesting and unusual.


japanese boro jacket

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PFAU is what I’ll be moving to Austin for. PFAU is a collection of antique, vintage and handmade textiles, home goods and accessories curated over decades from all over the world. Some new things will be happening soon and I’m excited to partner up with Carola and spend my days learning about and focusing on what I love the most: design and travel.


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  1. Liza Wednesday, February 19, 2014 at 5:43 pm #

    Do you have contact info for Carola Pfau? Saw her at Marburger and would love to order from her. Thanks!!

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