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May marks my blog’s one year anniversary. It’s also the month I turn one year older so I’ll take a moment to reflect. Last May I posted up on the couch at Jim’s parent’s beach house and decided to start a blog. The conditions were perfect: it was stormy and cold and I was jobless. I’d wake up, make startlingly strong coffee and curl up on the couch and use trial and error until I figured out how to make this or that look like this. Doesn’t that sound like the best month? I thought it was.


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I’d just returned from a month of hard core flea market shopping in Japan and knew that I had to figure out how to turn this favorite activity of mine into a sustainable enterprise. So did I figure all of that out this year? No. But I’m working on it. I feel exactly the same as I did last May, stubbornly determined and pretty damn excited. Since January things have been busy. Carola and I did our first ever photo shoot with my best-friend-in-the-world and excellent photographer Lillie Elliot. The shoot was four days long and completely exhausting because we brought entirely too much inventory. This was absolutely one of those “live and learn” situations but the photos turned out beautifully. You can check them out on our ONLINE SHOP which just opened for business! We’re also pretty excited about our beautiful hand drawn logo by Torie Partrdige, who hired me as her first intern back in my DC days.


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A quick aside, I’m writing all of this from the desk in my little yellow treehouse. I’ll post proof later. Inside I’ve hung up two of my favorite Japanese flea market finds: a purple chirimen silk crane tapestry and a hand-painted silk purse with a scalloped wooden handle. My Mexican candle collection is also growing steadily. I’m settled, an odd feeling given my five moves in the past five years. But for the time being I’ll be here in Austin working on the shop, touring the food truck scene which is pretty extensive, trying to avoid heat stroke and of course keeping Austin weird.


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