Life’s a Beeetch

beach shells

wayuu bag kimono

bay sunset


My month long streak of not leaving the island has only been broken by one 3-day trip up to NYC. I’m not sure if I’m necessarily proud of that, but this skinny little island sucks you in. Since I’m currently car-less, my existence lately has been confined to a 3 mile radius. I doubt that I’ll ever live in such a small bubble again but I’ve definitely been loving it.


old beach school

beach boat


Some of the finer things that have been happening this summer: Bayside bike rides at sunset, outdoor showers only, clams cooked in beer with rosemary and garlic, lots and lots of Erykah Badu playing (that never changes), rainy day happy hours and morning dips in the ocean. And of course productive things like making plans with Carola and working on product designs. Feeling really lucky and grateful for being able to spend at least one summer of my life here.



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