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A Wooly Mexican Rainbow

natural dyes indigo cochineal marigold wool

antigua guatemala color

chichicastenango guatemala cemetery colors

For three weeks mom and I worked our way from Guatemala City to Mexico City by bus on a textile-focused exploration/my second buying trip. Success! We had an amazing time and mom was truly stunned by both countries. Going through photos out here in sleepy Pavones, Costa Rica I’m finally able to recount the trip.

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The Rich & Strange and Guatemala

antigua guatemala

guatemala church yellow

guatemala costume fashion

Hopefully I won’t have to start each post by saying “it’s been a year since my last post” but this time it actually has been. Things have been happening, moves have been made and I went to Guatemala and can’t stop thinking about it. The visual stimulation is endless and the treasure hunting is enough to keep me up at night. I’m super excited to share my textile finds via The Rich and Strange, my *soon to be* online shop featuring one-of-a-kind textiles and objects.

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Notes From My Treehouse

austin graffiti

japan antique style

texas california nature

May marks my blog’s one year anniversary. It’s also the month I turn one year older so I’ll take a moment to reflect. Last May I posted up on the couch at Jim’s parent’s beach house and decided to start a blog. The conditions were perfect: it was stormy and cold and I was jobless. I’d wake up, make startlingly strong coffee and curl up on the couch and use trial and error until I figured out how to make this or that look like this. Doesn’t that sound like the best month? I thought it was.

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Life’s a Beeetch

beach shells

wayuu bag kimono

bay sunset

My month long streak of not leaving the island has only been broken by one 3-day trip up to NYC. I’m not sure if I’m necessarily proud of that, but this skinny little island sucks you in. Since I’m currently car-less, my existence lately has been confined to a 3 mile radius. I doubt that I’ll ever live in such a small bubble again but I’ve definitely been loving it.

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Tracing Back to Colombia

baricharra colombia

baricharra, bogota

la guajira colombia

If I had to credit one trip with “getting the wheels turning” and eventually leading me to create TfT it would be my trip to Colombia exactly one year ago. At the time I had no idea what I wanted to do for a living- who really does? All I knew was I wanted it to be creative, involve lots of travel, and probably be run by me.

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