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Notes From My Treehouse

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May marks my blog’s one year anniversary. It’s also the month I turn one year older so I’ll take a moment to reflect. Last May I posted up on the couch at Jim’s parent’s beach house and decided to start a blog. The conditions were perfect: it was stormy and cold and I was jobless. I’d wake up, make startlingly strong coffee and curl up on the couch and use trial and error until I figured out how to make this or that look like this. Doesn’t that sound like the best month? I thought it was.

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The Big Move and the Island

road trip fried chicken

I have an excuse as to why I’ve been slacking on my little blog. I moved from New Jersey to North Carolina via Amtrak, then packed up my little green wagon and moved from North Carolina to Austin, Texas. Unfortunately the deep south road trip I’d envisioned turned into one long day of eating Subway out of my lap and flying through Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi. The reason being New Orleans. Being on a rather tight timeline we decided that six to eight meals in New Orleans was worth it. And it was. The only photo I have to document it says it all: next-day-old Willie May’s fried chicken. And there you have it.

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Seven Days in Round Top

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Round Top in early October feels like North Carolina in August. It was hot and humid, although the humidity was just bad luck. The land is just how you’d imagine it too. Soft rolling hills, tall grass and plenty of dust. We set up in the Farmhouse, an old six room wooden structure with pale grey-blue wooden walls.

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