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The Big Move and the Island

road trip fried chicken

I have an excuse as to why I’ve been slacking on my little blog. I moved from New Jersey to North Carolina via Amtrak, then packed up my little green wagon and moved from North Carolina to Austin, Texas. Unfortunately the deep south road trip I’d envisioned turned into one long day of eating Subway out of my lap and flying through Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi. The reason being New Orleans. Being on a rather tight timeline we decided that six to eight meals in New Orleans was worth it. And it was. The only photo I have to document it says it all: next-day-old Willie May’s fried chicken. And there you have it.

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Life’s a Beeetch

beach shells

wayuu bag kimono

bay sunset

My month long streak of not leaving the island has only been broken by one 3-day trip up to NYC. I’m not sure if I’m necessarily proud of that, but this skinny little island sucks you in. Since I’m currently car-less, my existence lately has been confined to a 3 mile radius. I doubt that I’ll ever live in such a small bubble again but I’ve definitely been loving it.

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