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The Big Move and the Island

road trip fried chicken


I have an excuse as to why I’ve been slacking on my little blog. I moved from New Jersey to North Carolina via Amtrak, then packed up my little green wagon and moved from North Carolina to Austin, Texas. Unfortunately the deep south road trip I’d envisioned turned into one long day of eating Subway out of my lap and flying through Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi. The reason being New Orleans. Being on a rather tight timeline we decided that six to eight meals in New Orleans was worth it. And it was. The only photo I have to document it says it all: next-day-old Willie May’s fried chicken. And there you have it.


pfau boro photoshoot

pfau photoshoot


The moving in, the spackling, the painting, the obsessive cleaning. I’ll spare you all those details. What I’ve been working on recently, however, I’ll be sharing a lot more of very soon. I’m in the process of launching an online shop for PFAU. If you’re into vintage and antique textiles, tribal jewelry, kimonos, and other curiosities then stay tuned because we have loads of them. Carola’s private collection of more than twenty years will be live and we’ll be sourcing and adding new goods frequently. I’m beyond excited to launch the shop by the end of March.



eleuthera island green

eleuthera sand dollars

eleuthera bahamas welcome


Luckily for me, before my self-imposed reclusion setting up the online shop, I traveled to Eleuthera and spent ten luxurious days swimming, shelling (yes that is a thing), drinking Doug’s rum, and playing Mahjong. If you don’t know what Mahjong is then you’re missing out, take it from someone who only found out three weeks ago. Eleuthera is were you go to literally chill the $%^& out. There is nothing to do except swim, snorkel, walk along the beach and eat fish or, if you’re lucky, stone crab. Take note of this little island and go there if you feel like you’ve had it. It might save you. Or you’ll just come back with twenty sand dollars like I did.


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